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Graphica Glossy White Film Inkjet Media

Graphica Glossy White Film is the professional choice studio quality imaging products. Graphica Glossy White Film offers outstanding bright color reproduction by providing the smoothest transition between color tones and gradients for life-like details. Exceptionally quick drying clarity, water-proof, and excellent sharpness.

What makes it unique is the coating contains a layer of highly uniform ceramic particles , consistent pattern of pores within the sheet. The transparency, glossiness and high ink-absorbing ability of the layer give a brilliant and sharp color image which is near photographic quality. The layer can be formed on various substrates, such as cloth, metal and glass, as well as paper and film. A variety of new applications.

Product Size & Quantity
 Glossy White Film is available in the following sizes and quantities.

Size (inches) Sheets
8.5 x 11 (inches) 10 sheets
13 x 19 (inches) 20 sheets
17" x 66' (in. x ft.) 1 roll
24" x 66' (in. x ft.) 1 roll
36" x 66' (in. x ft.) 1 roll
42" x 66' (in. x ft.) 1 roll
52" x 66' (in. x ft.) 1 roll


 Glossy White Film
Weight 215g / m2
Opacity 95%
Brightness 92%

Use of Ink Jet Media:
To fully utilize the characteristics of this ink jet media, note the following points:

ORIENTAL GRAPHICA Ink Jet media is not sticky or dry when you touch it immediately after printing. If you overlay, laminate , or put prints in a transparent holder right after printing, images may be blurred depending on the printer used.

Follow the procedure described below to reduce the probability of blurred prints prior to storage.

  1. After printing , leave prints for 10 to 15 minutes without overlaying.

  2. Place insertion paper like copy paper [high moisture absorbency] between printed surfaces.

  3. Place prints on a flat paper and stack magazines or telephone books on top of the prints so that insertion paper may be impressed against the print surfaces. Keep the print surface dry at least 48 hours in this condition.

Water Resistance
ORIENTAL Ink jet media GRAPHICA employs polymer to harden ink pigments, but is not completely Waterproof.

Light fastness
It is possible to output full-color images on inkjet media. To preserve image quality for a long period, follow the procedure below.


  1. Allow prints to fully dry.

  2. Avoid storing your prints in places exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight.

  3. Be sure to laminate the prints or apply commercially available surface processing agent.

Store unused sheets flat inside the package and in a cool, dry place.

Recommended Printer Settings
Vender Printer Paper Type Setting
EPSON Stylus Color Series
Stylus Photo Series
Photo Quality Glossy Film
Premium Glossy Photo Paper*
CANON BJ Series High Gloss Photo Film
Photo Paper Pro
HP Desk Jet Series
Photo Smart Series
HP Premium Photo Paper
HP Premium Plus Photo Paper
LEXMARK Z Series Glossy/Photo Paper
  • Paper type setting differs depending on types of paper. Please make sure the description on the product package.
  • Printed color differs due to printers, so adjust the color to the favorable one by printer driver or software.
  • For border free printing, please choose the paper type setting, "Premium Glossy Photo Paper"

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